Log Home Additions

When it comes to adding onto your log home, here are a few things to consider:

Plan carefully how you want to use the new space and consider how you might access it from the extiting house. In many cases, a window can be made into a doorway to enter the new area. However, there may be limitations as to making the opening wider.

Avoid connecting at the corners. The criss cross ends make for a difficult area to join to. Yes it can be done, but it creates more work for the builder.

To get the matching log look, consider using either full log material or half log siding.

Full Log or Log Siding

Log Home HQIf full log material is used, be sure to allow for settling of the new addition when the connection is made. An addition which looks great at the start may perform poorly if settlement is not allowed for.

In some cases a smaller connector works best to pull the larger addition away from the house. This strategy often creates options you do not have when adding a large room directly to the house.

Hire someone with experience. There is a correct technique for cutting into the existing log home which creates a connection which will both look good and provide a good weather seal. A log home builder will understand the do’s and don’ts of  building a log home addition. This may not be the case for a contractor without similar experience.

Finally, find the right balance of log and timber features to suit your budget. Your builder should be able to  explain the options and how they affect the overall cost.

Custom Log Home Additions

When it comes to log home additions, one size does not fit all! A log home addition must be as unique as the home itself. We constantly look for new and creative ways to give you the additional space you need with an eye for what fits the look of your present home. And we always design with your budget in mind.

Possible addition areas include: family rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, sunrooms, even in-law apartments. Contact us to learn more about designing and installing a log home addition.