Log Home Care

Like any wood sided home, a log home should be protected against the elements. Here are a few points to consider about log home care.

Sashco Stains

  • The exposure of the home is important. A home that is out in the open, exposed to the sun and wind will need  more frequent maintenance than one that is sheltered by surrounding trees and hills.
  • The color or pigment of the stain will make a difference. More heavily pigmented stains will last longer than lighter or clearer stains.

Finally, the quality of the previous stain job will have a lot to do with how long the stain will last. If the surface is prepared and coated properly, you will get maximum life from each stain application.

Our log home care service begins with a visit to your home. Here, we will inspect the condition of the log wall material to determine the type of care is needed. After close examination, we will work with you to develop a plan for what products are to be used and who will handle their application. In many cases, the existing stain can be cleaned and renewed with additional coatings of the same or a similar product. In cases where the stain is unevenly worn, it may need to be completely removed in order to allow for a uniform coating of a new stain product.

This is also a good time to look closely at the condition of the logs wall materials. You want to be sure that the material is sound and not in need of repair. Any log repair must be done prior to staining. Pay close attention to areas that water can splash onto the house, as this may wear away the stain more quickly and eventually damage the integrity of the walls. Look also for discolored wall areas as this may reveal places that require additional log home care.

The services that we offer include the following:

  • Rinsing the log walls to remove any contaminants which may prevent good stain adhesion.
  • Applying wood preservative, if none is pre-applied by the log home manufacturer.
  • Coating the log walls with the semi-transparent stain of your choice. This is usually done using the spray and back brush method.

For newer homes, we are also available to rinse and apply a clear coating or light staining to the home’s interior. This will protect the logs from future staining and help them to retain their initial golden color.

Log home care is as unique as the log home itself. Proper application of stain to repel the rain and screen the sun will insure that your log home stays protected for years to come.

Contact us for more information about caring for your log home.