Log Home Repair

Older log homes with damage to the exterior walls may require log home repair.

Log Wall Repair

Sometimes the damage is the result of a failure to preserve and stain the exterior logs walls over a period of time. Other times, it results from a unique situation where the logs are exposed to constant, excessive weather. For example, logs above a bulkhead, air conditioner or deck can be exposed to water splash-back which in time will damage their integrity. Or, logs exposed to long periods of full sun may experience excessive checking which, if  ignored, can lead to other long term problems.

When undetected and untreated, these abused logs will eventually weaken and become soft. The result is a log which will be vulnerable to insect attack and decay. This is when log home repair becomes necessary.

Log Corner Rebuilt

Logs in this condition should be replaced with fresh material. If the damaged area is on the surface only, it is possible to chip away that part of the log and replace it with log slab of the same size. With care and matching material, this can be done in a way that blends with the existing logs.  In extreme cases, the entire log must be removed and replaced with a new one. This job requires even more log home repair experience and skill as both sides of the log will be visible, one inside and one outside.

Our log repair crew has experience with all of these situations. We offer log home repair in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. We can repair or replace damaged material and recommend ways to prevent the situation from happening in the future.