Log Home Restoration

Log homes which have gone unprotected for many years may require a more aggressive  program of treatment. Because the  finish on these homes no longer repels water, the constant weathering of the unprotected logs creates discoloration. Logs may become dirty and sometimes mildew will appear on shaded sides of the house.

Cob Blasting Dormer Sidewall

The goal of our log home restoration program is to return your log home to something more like its original condition. During this process, we use a more abrasive cleaning method to correct the discoloration and remove anything that might interfere with the stain to be applied.

To prepare the log exterior log surfaces, we will either power wash or corn cob blast the logs. Power washing directs water at high pressure onto the log surface. Most homes which have minor discoloration and mildew can be cleaned using this method. Cob blasting projects kernals of corn at the log surface in order to remove all dirt, mildew and old stain. Cob blasting is the better solution when the previous stain interferes with the application of the newer finish. This more abrasive process in many cases leaves the logs very close to their original color.

Another part of the restoration process includes recaulking checks in the logs. Checks are cracks along the grain of the wood and most checks are of no concern. But wider checks on the upward face of the log should be caulked to prevent moisture from traveling to the core of the wood.