Log Home Replacement Windows

Log Home Window ReplacementReplacing windows in a log home however is not the same as changing them in a conventional home. The connections between logs and windows are unique. In some cases, windows will fit cleanly into existing frame stock. In others, however, the opening in the log wall will have to be enlarged or padded to properly receive the new window.

To correctly install new windows into a log home it is important to understand both how to prepare the log wall openings and how to seal fit and seal the new windows into the log walls. Without a doubt, even the most energy efficient window will be compromised when installed improperly.

When windows are installed into a log home, they are not typically placed into the log opening “as is.” Instead, you will usually find a 2×4 or 2×6 frame around the window. This creates a fastening surface for the window flange. The window nails to the frame and the frame nails to the log wall.

If you decide to use a standard window size, keep in mind that the new window may not fit cleanly into the current 2x framed window opening. When this happens, you will need to resize the rough opening using additional framing material to make it smaller. Or you will need to enlarge the opening by re-cutting the logs around it.

For this reason, havLog Home Insert Replacement Windowing a window made to fit your opening is usually a better choice. As a custom window, it will certainly cost more. However, the time saved by not having to modify the opening will more than make up for this higher window unit cost.

Another option is to use an insert replacement window. In this case, only the window sashes and balances are removed and a new window is placed within the framework of the existing window. The beauty of this is that interior and exterior trim can be left in place. The picture to the right shows an insert replacement window.